PT/OT Mobility and Fitness Interventions for Children and Adults with Medical Complexity March 19, 2024 by Tanya Myers, PT, DPT, AnnMarie Stauffer, PT, DPT, and Lisa Gradziel, PT, DPT
Children with medical complexity benefit from use of supportive walkers and gait trainers for upright mobility opportunities.
PT/OT Adapted Standing Interventions for Children with Medical Complexity February 19, 2024 by Tanya Myers, PT, DPT, AnnMarie Stauffer, PT, DPT, and Lisa Gradziel, PT, DPT
Standing is thought to have many benefits for children with multiple disabilities including bowel management, bone density, tone management, range of motion, and pain management among others.
PT/OT Pacer Positioning In Depth June 10, 2022 by Elena Noble, MPT
In this video series, Cathy Ripmaster, MSPT presents positioning tips and guidance for the different features of the Pacer gait trainer to address a variety of support needs.
PT/OT Benefits of Dynamic Movement in Gait Training May 18, 2021 by Elena Noble, MPT
Functional ambulation is a primary goal for people with disabilities. In today’s webinar, Lori Potts, PT discusses how incorporating dynamic movement contributes to effective gait training interventions.
PT/OT Physical Activity Disability and Health November 30, 2020 by Elena Noble, MPT
Creative mobility initiatives and activity-based strategies can improve health and foster inclusion for children with disabilities.
PT/OT Intervening Early for Better Mobility in CP March 06, 2018 by Elena Noble, MPT
I recently attended the annual American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting (APTA CSM) in New Orleans. Among the wealth of great programming, I chose a course looking at early intervention for children with cerebral palsy (CP), and I’d like to share a few points I took away. For therapy purposes, early intervention means providing services to a child before two years of age...
PT/OT Removing Limits, One Step at a Time September 14, 2017 by Kevin Mullin, CNR Managing Consultant
The Center for Neuro Recovery (CNR) in North Palm Beach, Florida, is not your traditional training and recovery center. It’s rated among the top training centers in the country with referrals from 54 national rehab hospitals and 17 international rehab hospitals, and it might be best described as a highly skilled comprehensive training facility for those willing to push the boundaries. CNR provides...
PT/OT Body Weight Supported Treadmill Walking May 02, 2017 by Justin Gilligan, PTA
At our Therafit Rehab clinics in Maryland and New Jersey we specialize in treating children and adults with neurological disabilities such as cerebral palsy, stroke, TBI and Parkinson’s disease.  Time and again our patients tell us their number one goal for rehab is walking – whether for the first time, relearning to walk or just walking better. And it’s no wonder. Walking is an...
PT/OT Are Good Body Mechanics Enough? December 13, 2016 by Elena Noble, MPT
Whether assisting someone from a wheelchair to a mat table or the parallel bars, patient transfers are a routine part of all therapy interventions. But did you know that these transfers place a therapist at an extraordinary risk for work-related injury? Statistics show that caregivers engaging in manual patient lifting, transferring and repositioning activities beyond the 35-lb patient lifting maximum set...
PT/OT The Clinical Progression: Treadmill to Overground Ambulation November 15, 2016 by Elena Noble, MPT
Gait training is central in the rehabilitation of individuals with neuromotor disabilities. In clinical circles, there is considerable debate over whether gait training is best performed over a treadmill or over ground. Is one intervention more effective than the other? The research on this topic is inconclusive at best. What we do know, however, is that studies comparing the two gait training approaches...
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