PT/OT Adapted Seating Interventions for Children with Medical Complexity January 18, 2024 by Tanya Myers, PT, DPT, AnnMarie Stauffer, PT, DPT, and Lisa Gradziel, PT, DPT
As school-based therapists, we are frequently asked to provide input on seating, standing, and movement opportunities (including walking and gross motor participation). The school is a naturally supportive setting for children of all abilities to participate more.
PT/OT Achieving Optimal Toilet Positioning March 07, 2023 by Elena Noble, MPT
For a child with multiple physical challenges, toileting is often regarded as an interruption to daily activities and an added burden. Continuing initiatives around health and disability, however, recast toileting as a critical intervention.
PT/OT Toileting Concepts for Children with Disabilities June 28, 2021 by Elena Noble, MPT
For many parents and teachers of children with special needs, toileting seems like an unattainable goal. In this webinar, Lori Potts, PT discusses strategies to address these barriers for improved toileting successes.
PT/OT Toileting Concepts for a Child with Special Needs May 01, 2020 by Lori Potts, PT
For many parents and teachers of children with special needs, toilet training can seem like an unattainable goal. Each child has unique health issues, physical disabilities, emotional/behavioral challenges, cognitive and learning disabilities as well as communication barriers. Nevertheless, an individualized, consistent toileting routine can have great positive impact on quality of life.
PT/OT Toileting Initiative Produces Great Results March 20, 2017 by Ashley Rogers, DPT
It all started when therapists from the three special day schools of Baltimore County Public Schools sat down to talk at one of our yearly meetings. The discussion turned from the mundane to the visionary, how to provide more functional, purposeful activities for our kiddos throughout the day. And, of all things, we talked about toileting. As a vital part of the student’s day, we wanted the toileting...
PT/OT Implementing a New and Successful Toileting Program in the Educational Setting February 02, 2016 by Nadine Wallace, PTA, Kathryn Burgwin, PT and Jessica Burton, PT
The Day School at The Children’s Institute is an approved private school in Western PA.  We have 186 students with 27 classrooms. We provide a school program for students with multiple disabilities and for students with autism. All of our students present with severe disabilities affecting motor control, cognition and/or behavior. We have been using MOVE (Mobility Options Via Education) here at...
PT/OT Top 6 Features of the HTS May 04, 2015 by Elena Noble, MPT
Since we launched the Hygiene and Toileting System (HTS) almost two years ago we’ve received an outpouring of success stories in the “first time toileting” category. In an informal survey we asked therapists and parents which features made the biggest difference for them. Here’s the top six: The load-bearing and flip-away footboard. “I have one child who uses the...
PT/OT Sample Letter of Medical Necessity for the Rifton Hygiene and Toileting System January 28, 2014 by Elena Noble, MPT
Our most recent offering, the Rifton Hygiene and Toileting System (HTS), facilitates toileting for people with disabilities while at the same time making the task of hygiene care easier for caregivers. Effective toileting not only maintains a healthy bowel and bladder, it makes an enormous difference on a child’s quality of life (as any parent can tell you). In the past, many toileting routines and...