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The ability to stand changes how people experience the world

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The research is in. The results are indisputable. The health benefits of standing – in both prone and supine positions – are manifold. As a result, Rifton decided to create a truly multi-position stander that can switch easily between prone and supine to give you the greatest flexibility and the most options for your clients to meet the world in an upright position, participating at eye level alongside peers.

Standers allow for physiological development and greater social interaction. Rifton’s standers provide support and stability while encouraging weight-bearing and use of both hands and arms. Fully adjustable with a critical, new hip abduction feature, the new Rifton stander grows with clients as their skills develop.

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A girl standing in a Rifton Stander, talking with her caretaker and a boy.


A child in a Size 1 Rifton Stander in supine configuration.The health benefits of supported standing for children with disabilities have been widely recognized for years. Consider some of these important areas:

  • Maintain or increase bone mineral density for prevention of fractures.
  • Reduce spasticity, provide stretch to the muscles, and improve range of motion as part of your child’s postural management routine.
  • Improve posture by keeping the spine in alignment.
  • Improve hip joint health and development, with the option for placing the legs in abduction during weight-bearing. This can help to reduce pain and improve overall health and well-being.
  • Improve engagement with family and classmates to encourage psycho-social development.
  • Now, all these benefits are available in Rifton’s ground-breaking lineup of newly imagined three-way standers that can be configured in prone, supine, or upright. It is, truly, a whole new world.

    Our first entrant in this all-new lineup, size one of four, is specifically designed for early intervention. It’s the only stander of its type that adjusts in height down to the floor to allow peer-to-peer socialization and participation and then up to table height for activities there (plus easier transfers). It allows precise positioning in every imaginable configuration, quick prone-to-supine switching and back, plus – of course – Rifton’s legendary tool-free adjustments.

    UserHeightSizingDotWe will offer four sizes for a wide range of users.