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Activity Chair

The ultimate in active seating for pediatric to adult clients

Improvements you asked for

When you asked us to improve the steering of the Rifton Activity Chair we got to work on a solution!

Presenting the directional assist wheel, making navigation smoother with the addition of a fifth wheel. Retrofittable on all medium and large Rifton Activity Chairs, this innovation ensures seamless forward movement at all times without sacrificing maneuverability.

One chair, many lives

Therapists everywhere tell us the Activity Chair is perfect for feeding, speech therapy, active learning and for clients with sensory processing challenges. Not only that; parents see what it can do for their child in the classroom and realize how much they need it at home, too.

The Activity Chair has revolutionized adaptive seating and continues to delight therapists with its versatility for people of all shapes and sizes, all conditions and special needs.

Download the Activity Chair brochure.

Download the Activity Chair positioning checklist.

A boy sits in a Rifton Activity Chair and plays with a toy train with his therapist.

The Benefits

  • Tool free adjustments while client is in the Activity Chair.
  • Wide range of optional components available to create an adaptive chair providing customized active seating for your client – whether in early intervention, school, home, rehab or day hab – from the client with autism to one with more involved physical challenges such as cerebral palsy.

Two Chair Base Options:

  • Hi/lo base for easy transfers, optimal positioning and instant access to any activity.
  • Standard base for regular classroom use and ideal for students with autism who need calming through self-generated motion (self-stimming).


Use the slides below to learn more about the features of the Activity Chair.

  • 1 Tool-free adjustments
  • 2 Adjust with client in the chair
  • 3 Tilt-in-space
  • 4 Spring option
  • 5 Arm support options
  • 6 Hi/lo base foot pump
  • 7 Caster swivel lock
  • 8 Choice of 6 pad colors
  • 9 Standard base leg options
A medium blue Rifton Activity Chair with a hi/lo base 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Use the slides below to learn more about the components of the Activity Chair.

Note: All components fit both hi/lo and standard Activity Chair bases, although shown on a standard base here.

3 headrest choices for the Rifton Activity Chair
R828 Rifton activity chair lateral
R878 Rifton activity chair push handle
Push handles
R667 Rifton activity chair tray
Tray & handhold
R802 Rifton activity chair chest strap
Chest strap
R834 Rifton activity chair butterfly
Butterfly harnesses
Rifton Activity Chair thigh belt
Thigh belt
Rifton Activity Chair pelvic harness
Pelvic harness
R814 Rifton activity chair hip guide
Hip guides
R884 Rifton activity chair abductor
R892 Rifton activity chair adductor
R854 Rifton activity chair leg prompt
Leg prompts
Rifton activity chair footboard
Rifton Activity Chair ankle straps
Ankle straps
Rifton Activity Chair sandals and hardware
Rifton Activity Chair sandal wedges
Rifton Activity Chair lumbar and seat support kit
Lumbar and seat support kit
Rifton Activity Chair filler pad
Backrest filler pad
The mini kit on the Rifton Activity Chair
Mini kit
R804 Rifton activity chair adapt plate
Whitmyer adapter

Sizes & Dimensions

Use the dimensions chart below to help you make the right choice for your client.

Want to make sure it fits? Download a detailed chair sizing worksheet.

Key user dimensions (inches)
Activity Chair sizing

The user’s overall height is a general guide to help you select the appropriate chair. Choose the model that allows for growth.

Rifton Activity Chair small standard base R820 Small standard Activity Chair
User’s overall height :

32* – 48

*28 – 38 requires mini kit

Rifton Activity Chair small hi-lo base R830 Small hi/lo Activity Chair
User’s overall height :

28* – 48

*28 – 32 requires mini kit

Rifton Activity Chair medium standard base R840 Medium standard Activity Chair
User’s overall height :

40 – 56

Rifton Activity Chair medium hi-lo base R850 Medium hi/lo Activity Chair
User’s overall height :

40 – 56

Rifton Activity Chair large standard base R860 Large standard Activity Chair
User’s overall height :

50 – 74

Rifton Activity Chair large hi-lo base R870 Large hi/lo Activity Chair
User’s overall height :

50 – 74

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