A boy sits in a Rifton Wave Bath Chair and talks with his caregiver.

The Wave

Bathing system with tub transfer

Hygiene and health go together.

When we make bathing easier, our clients are healthier. The Wave system has been designed to improve bathing and showering – for the client and for the caregiver.

Responding to requests from therapists and caregivers, we widened these bath chairs to accommodate larger clients. And to protect skin integrity we added generous padding under soft knit fabric.

As well as mounting the bath chair on a tub stand or rolling shower stand we’ve added an ingenious tub transfer base to completely change the way you transfer and bathe large clients. There’s nothing like it.

Download the Wave brochure.

A young woman assists a boy in a Rifton Wave bath chair.

Unique Features and Benefits

Include these in your letters of medical necessity:

  • Extra wide seat with open sides, 15" width for small and medium, 17½" for the large.
  • Large size accommodates adults up to 6'2" and 250 lb.
  • Completely configurable; all sizes of the Rifton Wave fit on any of the 3 base options.
  • Calf rest adjusts independently of seat angle.
  • Tub transfer base enables clients to be placed in the bath chair using a mechanical lift and then rolled back and rotated over the tub for showering.
  • Conversion kit allows user to move up from small to medium size by just purchasing a new back, seat and cover.
  • Least costly alternative to remodeling a bathroom or assisted living, without resorting to bed baths.


Use the slides below to learn more about the features of the Wave.

  • 1 A complete bathing system with integrated transfer solution
  • 2 Easy to adjust
  • 3 Positions like no other bath chair
  • 4 Thoughtful details
  • 5 Wider and more comfortable than ever
A Rifton Wave bath chair in pink 1 2 3 4 5


See the slides below for details on the optional components available to customize the Wave adaptive bathing equipment for your client.

light blue Rifton Wave chest strap without lateral postioning for bathing
Chest Straps
Head blocks for the Rifton Wave bath chair
Head blocks
light blue Rifton Wave bath chair leg strap
Leg Straps
Rifton Wave calf rest
Calf rest
Rifton Wave tub stand
Tub Stand
Rifton Wave shower stand for bathing
Shower Stand
A tub transfer base for the Rifton Wave bath chair
Tub transfer base

Sizes & dimensions

Use this dimensions chart to help you make the right choice for your client.

Important: Make sure that seat depth, width, and back height are adequate. The user’s weight must not exceed the maximum working load.

Key user dimensions (inches)
Measure from the floor to the user’s elbow

Select the appropriate Wave bath chair by the user’s overall height. Choose the model that allows for growth.

The small Rifton Wave bathing system Z210 Small Wave
User’s overall height :

up to 46

(76 – 117 cm)

The medium Rifton Wave bathing system Z220 Medium Wave
User’s overall height :

40 – 56

(102 – 142 cm)

The large Rifton Wave bathing system Z230 Large Wave
User’s overall height :

50 – 74

(127 – 188)


Product Resources

Learn more about the Wave using the resources below.


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