The New Wave Bathing & Transfer System vs. Blue Wave Bath Chair

Gilbert Thomson, PT | November 2016

What have we done to improve our old bath chair? Here are the key features that distinguish our new Wave Bathing & Transfer System:

Product photo of the Rifton adaptive bath chair the WAVE in the new color blueLarger and Wider

The Wave bathing system still comes in three sizes, but there are some important differences. The seat on the small and medium is now wider – a full 15” – with open sides so the seat is comfortable for all sizes. And the large has a 17-1/2” seat width to accommodate users up to 6’2” and 250 lbs. Check the dimensions chart for more details on the sizing.

Optional Calf rest

The Wave system has an optional calf rest that adjusts independently of the seat and leg angle. When you configure your product you will need to choose either the seat with calf rest or the seat without. You can adjust the knee angle in 15 degree increments from flat to beyond 90 degrees.

New Colors! Soft Padded Fabric is now STANDARD

The frame parts are still white but there are now two attractive color choices for the fabric: light blue and pink. Functional triggers and latches on the product are gray so you can find them easily.

We decided for the comfort of all users to include the soft polyester knit fabric covers with additional built-in padding on every Wave Bath Chair. The fabric is quick-drying and gentle on the skin.

One-Handed Backrest Adjustment

At your request we’ve made the backrest angle adjustable with one hand, making it so much more convenient for the caregiver. The increments for seat and backrest angle are now 15 degrees rather than 22 degrees, so there are more positioning options.

Re-designed Tub Stand and Shower Stand

Similar to the Blue Wave, our new bath chair can be mounted on a tub stand for additional height or on a wheeled shower stand for use in a roll-in shower. Any size of Wave bath chair can be mounted on any of the bases. The tub stand is now slightly higher: it adds   5-1/2” to the bath chair seat height with the legs out flat, and 11-1/2” with the legs down. The shower stand is similar to the previous model but now has larger wheels (4”) for easier maneuverability.

*Note: For safety reasons the new bases are not compatible with the old Blue Wave bath chairs or stands. There is a different latching system.

Product photo of the New Rifton special needs WAVE bath chair mounted on the tub transfer base.Best of All, a NEW Tub Transfer Base

The third base option is the all-new tub transfer base. We recognize that transferring users during bathing is one of the most challenging aspects for many caregivers. With the tub transfer base the user can be more safely and easily transferred into the product (with a mechanical lift if needed). Then the product can be moved back over the bathtub, the wheels locked, and the bath chair swiveled 90 degrees while it moves even further back over the tub.

When not in use, the Tub Transfer Base can be removed from the tub, folded up and hung out of the way on the wall hook provided, freeing the bathing area for other family members to use.

It’s an ingenious (and back-saving) solution to the problem of heavy tub transfers, but it doesn’t crowd your bathroom with permanently mounted equipment. 

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