Adaptive Tricycle

New design for all 3 sizes now available.

Completely Re-imagined. 

At Rifton we believe everyone deserves the chance to ride. Biking is more than just recreational; it’s therapeutic. We know the health benefits that come with cycling, especially for children with disabilities – improved leg strength, posture, balance and range of motion. We’ve also seen how it helps their socialization, their engagement with friends and family. Adaptive tricycles help non-ambulatory people experience the joy and freedom of independent movement.

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A girl riding on a Rifton Adaptive Tricycle waves and smiles with her caregiver.

In the forty years that we’ve been making adaptive tricycles, we’ve sought continually to make our designs more accessible and functional. The new Rifton Adaptive Tricycle brings our experience and your input together with cutting-edge materials and technology to create the ultimate ride. It is sleek, rugged, adaptable and a whole lot of fun.

Thankfully, even insurers and other funding sources are beginning to recognize that for a person with disabilities, a trike is far more than merely recreational; an adaptive tricycle is often medically necessary for someone who cannot walk independently or who sits for long hours in a wheelchair.

 A boy rides on a red Rifton Adaptive Tricycle, with his therapist walking beside him.

The Benefits:

Therapeutic benefits of biking:

Benefits of using the Adaptive Tricycle: