Opportunity with a New Set of Wheels

Gilbert Thomson, PT | June 2014

Two brothers smiling at the camera are outside on adaptive tricycles with blues skies in the backgroundPatrick received his first trike over two years ago because of the difficulty he was having with walking. His endurance was poor, he tended to use a crouch gait and his feet frequently hurt after any ambulation. He started with a small red Rifton Tricycle and it soon became one of his main options for outdoor mobility. Since using the trike over the past two years, Patrick’s lower extremity strength has increased dramatically. His parents and teachers noticed improvements in his walking skills as well. He now walks straighter and for longer distances. Additionally, he has started more running and jumping activities.

Recently he outgrew his small trike so you can imagine his thrill when he opened the box and saw his new medium green trike! He couldn’t wait to climb on and start riding. Unbeknownst to Patrick—because tricycle riding is simply fun at his age—he continues to make therapeutic improvements from the consistent reciprocal leg motions and strengthening opportunities tricycle riding provides.

Take a moment and enjoy this fabulous new video Patrick’s proud father sent us.

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