Grab Bars & Anchors

Provides stabilization for tasks and activities

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Suction mounted support.

The Anchor family is a collection of suction cup grab bars with varying types of hand grips and arm supports to aid in upper extremity stabilization for people with disabilities. Stabilizing one arm helps increase upper body control so tasks and activities of daily living become easier.

Imagine work and play activities made a whole lot easier for a client by stabilizing one of their arms.

A young boy in a wheelchair using a Rifton Anchor at a school cafeteria table.


A boy uses a Rifton Arm anchor on the tray of his Rifton Activity chair.These portable grab bars are fitted with strong suction cups that release quickly with a small lever. They are easy to use on any smooth, clean, horizontal surface – even wheelchair trays or stander trays. Without needing to be screwed or clamped in place, the grab bar Anchor can be positioned wherever a client needs it, every day.

The family of Anchors attach to any horizontal surface when your students or clients need a little extra stabilization.

  • Great in the classroom, at home or in a sheltered workshop, our Anchors are portable and sturdy, but not too heavy. Suction mounted, they fasten instantly to any smooth, clean, horizontal surface – even wheelchair trays or stander trays.
  • Work, play, and practice of self-supporting skills are so much easier with an Anchor.
  • Best of all, regular use of an Anchor (or a pair) can help increase head and upper trunk strength and control.