Benefits of Upper Extremity Stabilization with Rifton Anchors

| November 2006

The Rifton Anchor stabilizes the user's arm to provide upper trunk support. An Anchor can assist a user affected by uncontrolled motor movement and can be used alone or together with another Anchor.

Upper extremity stabilization allows the user better control and function of the arm that is free.



The Arm Anchor and the Elbow Anchor used as an arm stabilizer can help a child sit upright at a table among peers, promoting "inclusion" and social development of the child.

Anchors are short-term positioning aids and are not intended to provide the primary support for transfers and standing.


As a portable arm stabilizer, the Rifton Anchor is a convenient solution for upper extremity stabilization in many settings. A severely involved child can use a set of two Anchors to provide upper trunk support and head control for short periods of time.

The mildly involved user may need just one Anchor as a hand hold, to free the second hand for eating or any other activity.


Anchor suction cups can be positioned on any flat, smooth surface in an infinite number of ways. The simple lever is used to quickly and easily release and re-apply the suction cup to obtain optimal positioning.

Wrist and arm straps can be used in a variety of ways. The Arm Anchor hand grip slides in and out to the user's arm length and rotates almost 180˚.


The industrial-strength suction cup is tough and was originally designed for lifting and installing heavy plate glass and sheet metal. It is chemical, dirt, and stain resistant. The comfortable cushioned support is easily cleaned. Once purchased, an Anchor will last a long time.

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