Webinars Standers – What does the research say?
This 30-minute webinar gives an overview of current research on the topic of standing and adaptive standers as well as specific tips for therapeutic and functional use of Rifton standers.
Webinars Introducing the New Rifton Pacer
Watch Rifton’s on-demand video/webinar introducing Rifton’s New Pacer. The New Pacer is a gait trainer that achieves proper positioning and provides dynamic weight bearing and shifting for a natural gait pattern and easier stepping. In this 40 minute video, recorded in March 2016, the new large Pacer frame systems, accessories and features are explained and demonstrated.
Webinars Introducing the ICF for School-based Practice: Webinar Transcript
(Return to the ICF for School-based Practice Webinar) 1. Introducing the ICF in school-based practice with adaptive equipment Welcome. This is Lori Potts, physical therapist with Rifton Equipment, and this webinar is introducing the ICF for school-based practice, looking at adaptive equipment. 2. Objectives Be familiarized with the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF...
Webinars ICF: Paving the way to a Special Education Inclusion Classroom: Webinar Transcript
(Return to the webinar ICF: Paving the way to a Special Education Inclusion Classroom) ICF Slide 1 (0:14) Welcome. Rifton is happy to introduce you to Sue Cecere in Maryland, who will be hosting this educational Webinar about applying the International Classification of Function in school-based practice. ICF Slide 2 (0:17) Sue Cecere is an active member of the Pediatric Section of the American Physical...
Webinars Dynamic Seating: Webinar Transcript
Below is a complete transcript of Ginny Paleg’s webinar for Rifton on Dynamic Seating. Watch the Dynamic Seating Webinar. Part 1 Intro/Sign in Slide 1 Ginny Paleg Slide 2 (00:12) Hi there, and welcome to Rifton’s seminar on dynamic and functional seating. Today we’re going to talk about dynamic seating, we’re going to talk about their new activity chair, and then I’m going to...