Videos Features of the Rifton Adaptive Tricycle
Michelle Meier, PT, DPT explains the features and positioning options of Rifton’s Adaptive Tricycle, and its therapeutic benefits.
Videos Rifton Equipment Testimonial
A mother discusses the critical role adaptive equipment plays in her daughter’s life.
Videos Rifton Tricycle Initial Assembly
Watch this video to see instructions for the initial assembly of your new Adaptive Tricycle.
Videos Rifton’s New Adaptive Tricycle
Rifton’s new Adaptive Tricycle is now available. See more details.
Videos Rifton Adaptive Tricycle Video
Every young child dreams of the day they'll be able to ride a bike. For some children, this dream is not so easily attained. Watch how Rifton's adaptive tricycle makes it possible for kids with special needs to ride too. A transcript is provided below for viewers with hearing disabilities.