PT/OT Mobility and Fitness Interventions for Children and Adults with Medical Complexity March 19, 2024 by Tanya Myers, PT, DPT, AnnMarie Stauffer, PT, DPT, and Lisa Gradziel, PT, DPT
Children with medical complexity benefit from use of supportive walkers and gait trainers for upright mobility opportunities.
PT/OT Adaptive Tricycles in Schools September 29, 2022 by Elena Noble, MPT
For a child with a disability such as cerebral palsy, the primary goal for the school-based therapist is to improve access to education.
PT/OT Physical Activity Disability and Health November 30, 2020 by Elena Noble, MPT
Creative mobility initiatives and activity-based strategies can improve health and foster inclusion for children with disabilities.
PT/OT Busting that Persistent Myth about Adaptive Bikes and Recreation July 18, 2017 by Codi Andersen, DPT
I love the adaptive tricycle and the opportunities it affords many of my students. But how often have insurance companies denied requests for adaptive tricycles because they only see the recreational purpose? For my students with the most severe disabilities, the tricycle is a life-saver, and often the only piece of adaptive equipment that will help them achieve functional gains and participation. I&rsquo...
PT/OT Indoor Therapy with a Special Needs Stationary Trike January 13, 2015 by Elena Noble, MPT
Chilly winter days are here to stay for a while (at least in upstate New York). But that doesn’t mean you need to put your Rifton adaptive trike in storage until spring. Frequent requests from parents and therapists prompted us to design a simple stationary stand to enable a continuum of trike therapy and exercise, indoors as well as outside. When placed on its stationary stand, the adaptive tricycle...
PT/OT The Joy of Cycling November 15, 1998
Therapists are forever searching for treatment activities that can be incorporated into everyday life. It can be challenging to find fun, motivating, activities that individuals seek out on their own time. Cycling frequently fits the bill and can accomplish a variety of therapeutic objectives, such as improving leg strength, balance, fitness, and endurance. Age appropriateness is never an issue with a...