How To’s TRAM Positioning Checklist
Therapists who use the TRAM with more than one client know how important it is to replicate the same settings and positioning each time. But since each user requires different settings, it’s easy to forget from client to client and miss out an important adjustment or prompt. Caretakers can use this Positioning Checklist as a convenient way to ensure optimal use of the TRAM for each individual. Download PDF (747.5 KB)
How To’s Cleaning Rifton Equipment
All of our products are tested to withstand a 10% bleach solution. Because of this, we expect that most commercial disinfectants can be used on our equipment without harming it...
How To’s Rifton TRAM FAQs
Who uses the TRAM? The Rifton TRAM is a multi-purpose device used for sit-to-stand lifting, gait training, assisted transfers and toileting. The TRAM is used by children and adults presenting with a wide range of developmental and acquired disabilities including TBI, CVA, SCI, post hip replacement surgery, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. Always have a qualified healthcare...
How To’s Rifton TRAM Safe Patient Handling & Mobility Training Documents
The following documents have been compiled for providers, hospitals and long-term care facilities to use in the implementation of safe patient handling and movement programs with the Rifton TRAM. TRAM Evaluation Form (pdf) serves as a guide to help the clinician decide whether the Rifton TRAM is appropriate for a particular patient. TRAM Employee Competency Checklist (pdf) is for use after a TRAM...
How To’s Funding sources for home modifications
Funding Sources for elderly people with an acquired disability needing home improvements to enable them to stay at home and "age in place." Download PDF (317.9 KB)