A MOVE™ Program Snapshot

How one student has exceeded expectations.

October 15, 2018 by Sherri Glazer

A young boy stands at a Rifton Support Station with the aid of a caregiver.Reuven is 16 and attends The Children’s Learning Center at the Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County where he participates in the MOVE™ Program.

Reuven is non-ambulatory and non-verbal. He sits primarily in an adapted wheelchair equipped with a seatbelt, chest harness, foot straps, and a lap tray. While in school, as part of the MOVE™ Program, Reuven practices sitting in a typical classroom chair with arm rests. He is able to sit this way while at his desk for up to 20 minutes, requiring close supervision for safety. While sitting in the chair, Reuven will use a Rifton arm anchor on his desk, for his right arm, to help him maintain an upright stable posture.

For someone like Reuven, the ability to transfer is a critical skill and something we identified early as a key goal. To get there we used the Rifton Support Station. Initially, Reuven required three people to assist him to transfer from his wheelchair to standing at the Support Station. Additionally, he required the kneeboard accessory and the trunk board set at a 90-degree angle. With practice through the MOVE™ Program, Reuven is now able to reach out with his left hand, hold on to the Support Station and then pull himself up to standing requiring only staff supervision. He no longer requires the kneeboard, and the trunk board is now set at a 135-degree angle.

Obviously this is a big deal for Reuven and for his caregivers. He no longer needs faculty or family to lift him up for transfers. He can even pull himself up from sit-to-stand when there is a wall-mounted bar in front of him, only requiring guidance from caregivers! This increased function has improved his mobility and upright postural control and shows us what kind of growth and learning is possible when we embrace the MOVE™ Program.

If you are new to MOVE™, watch this half hour introductory webinar.

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