Mobility Opportunities Via Education (MOVE™)

| December 2014

Sitting. Standing. Walking. These three basic activities – plus the ability to transition between them – allow us to do all the other things that are important to us, to live life to the fullest. But for someone with profound disabilities they can present huge challenges. Indeed, for many years, they were impossible challenges. Until the MOVE™ program. What started out as a curriculum for use in school, MOVE soon expanded to apply to people of all ages, wherever they spent their time, at home, at school, out in the community. MOVE recognizes the team that exists around a person with disabilities and harnesses their efforts around that person’s specific – and often very personal – goals, using simple measurements to capture even the smallest progress. Practice happens at every moment of the day, not just during formal therapy. Best of all, it works. It proves that everyone, no matter their skill level or deficits, can learn and grow and participate in life’s opportunities.

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Meadowood, DE MOVE Model Site video (20 min)

Woodland, MI MOVE Model Site video (15 min)

A Day with MOVE at Woodland Developmental Center video (5 min)

Center for Disability Services, NY Miles Story video (5 min)


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