New Webinar: An Introduction to MOVE™

Julie Sues Delaney, PT | March 2019

Last week, Rifton offered a 30-minute webinar providing an introduction to the philosophy and practice of the MOVE Program: Mobility Opportunities Via Education/Experience. Under the MOVE program, teachers, clinicians, and parents join together to assess an individual's ability and then teach key motor skills incrementally. Everyone benefits.

Watch the recording or read the transcript here.

The webinar is presented by Julie Sues-Delaney, PT, who is the Program Manager of MOVE International®. Questions submitted by the webinar attendees were answered by Julie. Her responses are shared below.


Q: What was the dosage of therapy services with these studies? (hrs/day, days/wk) [Referring to Linda Bidabe’s original pilot and the adult study at Chesapeake Care Resources in MD.]

A: During the children’s pilot in 1986 in Bakersfield CA, PT services were delivered through an agency on a consultant basis, so it is not possible to describe dosage of therapy services as a direct intervention. During the time of the pilot study, there were in fact no direct “pull-out” physical therapy services to the students, but there was PT consultation with the MOVE team. The PT was a part of the MOVE team.

For the adult study at Chesapeake Care Resources in Maryland, there was a PT in the building, one day a week. Again, the PT’s role was consulting, as part of the MOVE team.

For both the pilot with the children, and the adult study, the PT may have helped place the individual in equipment or helped with positioning. This would have been done as delineated by the MOVE Program for the particular individual.

Q: Will this help someone with dementia? or should I say will this help them better hold on to their memory and rational thoughts better?

A: I cannot speak to if it will help them hold on to their memory longer or improve their thought process. I do know we have several adult sites that are using the program with individuals that are thought to have dementia, along with a cognitive impairment and they are walking again with assistive devices.

Q: Do you offer internships for application of the MOVE program? Is there a program that is working well and that is integrated into a school based special education program?

A: While we do not typically offer internships through MOVE International®, there are dozens of certified MOVE model sites around the U.S. and more overseas. The majority of sites that use the MOVE Program are school settings and adult day programs. The school settings range from center-based to self-contained classrooms on general education campus to total inclusion. At each setting there is significant success with implementing the MOVE Program and the increased gross motor skills of the individuals with and without equipment.

On the MOVE website is a list of MOVE Model Sites ( I would be glad to arrange for a visit to any of these sites so that you could see MOVE in action. Just contact me at:

Q: I want to know more about how to get MOVE International at my district for the students who are most impacted by mobility impairments. Can you please send me a catalog of webinars/training/etc?

A: MOVE hosts trainings throughout the country. You can attend as an individual at $400.00 per person for the two-day course. We also offer a training that is contracted directly with your site. You receive a group rate which is significantly discounted, as well as the materials to start the program. Rate is determined by size of group. All trainings max out at 50 people. You pick the two days (back to back) and we come to your site. The biggest benefit is that all your staff is trained at the same time and ready to start the program the next day.


If anyone is interested in attending a MOVE hosted training, please send inquiries to:

Inquiry should include: name, e-mail address and geographical area that you are willing to travel to attend a training.

If you are interested in receiving a quote to have a MOVE contracted training for your site, please send name, e-mail address, name of site, number of people that would be attending the training and I will send you a quote and more details.

Please feel free to send any additional questions to the above e-mail too.

Thank you all for taking the time to watch the MOVE webinar and thank you to Rifton for hosting the webinar. I look forward to hearing back from many of you.

Julie Sues Delaney

Program Manager

MOVE Internationa

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