TBI Recovery and Supported Gait

Genuine TBI Recovery Stories: Sean Carter continues his progress one step at a time

Elena Noble, MPT | March 2011

Dr. Karen McCain throws an arm around TBI recovery patient Sean Carter for an all smiles close-up.Sean Carter is a fighter. After sustaining a traumatic brain injury, he completely lost the ability to walk, talk, or control anything but his index finger. He did not, however, lose hope for recovery. Sean believed he would walk again. Dr. Karen McCain agreed. She decided to get him ambulatory by getting him into an XL Pacer Adult Gait Trainer. She knew he needed to walk a lot more than weekly therapy sessions would provide. “After only four weeks, Sean could walk in the Pacer unassisted and without stopping for two hours – covering 800 feet!” McCain said. “We were astonished.” Twelve months since beginning his TBI recovery therapy with Dr. McCain and the Pacer XL, his progress continues to astonish. So in June 2010, Sean came to visit us at Rifton. On that memorable day, Sean walked into Rifton aided only by a crutch, a gait belt and his mother’s hand. While Sean talked mostly about how much farther he plans to go, we were all inspired by how far he had come. This incredible TBI recovery story can be followed on Rifton's YouTube Channel, where you can watch inspiring videos of Sean Carter's progress.

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