Announcing the New Small Size Activity Chair

Sam Durgin | July 2011

A young boy in his small Rifton Activity Chair gets spoon fed by a woman using the device as a feeding chair.The small Rifton Activity Chair is finally here. The success of the medium and large Rifton Activity Chairs prompted many requests for the chair to be sized for the smallest users.

But it is not only a small Rifton Activity Chair. We considered the positioning needs within Early Intervention and designed something to match–a group of accessories we’re calling the “mini kit.” When attached to the small chair, it can accommodate children as short as 28 inches. This means you can start positioning children at an earlier age and then continue to use the chair for many more years.

From demonstrating the Activity Chair at many schools and clinics around the country (watch short segmented Rifton Activity Chair videos online), I have learned that it is becoming widely recognized as the adaptive seating system of choice for:

About the Small Rifton Activity Chair
Be assured that every accessory and feature you love about the Rifton Activity Chair is there, just in a smaller size.

  • download and print the small Rifton Activity Chair specifications, dimensions and order form
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