Adaptive Seating Breakthrough

Elena Noble, MPT | March 2011

This testimonial just came across my desk and I want to share it with you. It’s always a thrill to hear how adaptive seating can improve the quality of life for a child. It is also a great intro to an article I will be posting soon explaining the benefits of adaptive seating.

Contributed by Tara Cicchelli, CCS OT in San Diego, CA
We received the new Rifton Activity Chair last week, and we absolutely LOVE it! Today, we experienced a seating breakthrough with one of our clients in it. He is a three-year-old boy who has severe spasticity and is a one-year survivor of a near drowning incident. He has NEVER tolerated ANY adaptive seating device (even car seat) due to his severe spastic extensor tone, and today he sat in the new Rifton Activity Chair for over one hour! The family took a ton of pictures and couldn’t believe their eyes.

Before and after pictures showing first a boy sitting uncomfortably in a chair with no supports and then positioned comfortably in adaptive seating equipment

So, I will definitely pursue this chair through private insurance and see if we can get it approved.

I just wanted to let you know that this chair gave this particular family some hope today. Their son has potential to tolerate adaptive positioning, sitting in a chair, with a tray which will help him safely swallow his own secretions and maybe even more.

Thank you Tara!
PS: Private insurance came through and the Activity chair was recently purchased for the child’s home.

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