Announcing the Large Rifton Activity Chair

Sam Durgin | March 2011

Medium (R850) hi/lo base Rifton Activity chair.This week in our Catskill NY facility we are starting production of the large Rifton Activity Chair. It has taken us three years to get to this point. We began with two years of research and design, introduced the medium Rifton Activity Chair last spring, and spent the past 12 months designing and tooling hundreds of plastic molds to make the larger model. But it was worth it, because the chair was immediately recognized by clinicians and families as THE answer to their active seating needs.

You may want to:

  • download and print an order form

Throughout this last year, I’ve demonstrated the medium Activity Chair to dozens of school systems around the country. (We also posted short segmented videos of my chair inservice for you to watch online.) The first users of the chair identified its potential in different areas of seating:

  • active seating for task participation

  • dynamic seating for inclusion

  • as a feeding chair for home

One comment we often hear is that the Rifton Activity Chair is the perfect alternative (or complement) to a customized wheelchair. In the near future we’ll be posting an article by Judi Rogers, the clinical advising therapist for seating and NDT at LA Unified School District on the “10 Top Reasons to get your student a Rifton Activity Chair (over and above their wheelchair).”


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