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Who We Are

Rifton is dedicated to the idea that people with disabilities are entitled to the same opportunities as the rest of us. Just as I enjoy access to public transport, multi-story buildings, a fair shot at the employment of my choice, so do those among us who cannot walk as I do or talk and see and hear as I do. For Rifton, where we make complex rehab equipment to support people with disabilities, this is the principle that informs our product design and in fact all our activities – manufacturing, sales, service. For many people with limitations on their physical movement, the right piece of equipment can make all the difference.


And we believe that this equipment should be of the highest quality. So what does this look like? At any of our factories, you’ll find old world craftsmanship married to sophisticated manufacturing systems. You’ll find designers who are uniquely attuned to the needs of our clients, both therapists and users. And you’ll see the gorgeous colors that distinguish our equipment. For us it all started in 1977; and as the US grew to understand the needs of people with disabilities, we grew along, drawing on input and design ideas from thousands of therapists and users from all over the world.

User-Powered Mobility

Our products focus on three essential areas of activity. The first is user-powered mobility. We want our equipment to encourage activity beyond what can be obtained from a wheelchair and, whenever possible, to encourage weight bearing and continually improved ambulation or large motor development.

Positioning for Activity

The second is positioning for activity. Sitting can be active or passive, likewise standing. Our equipment is designed to encourage positioning that enhances participation, activity and engagement. And as any therapist will tell you, engagement develops cognition.

Hygiene and Toileting

And the third is hygiene and toileting. Bathing and toileting are essential daily activities that can be extraordinarily difficult and unpleasant for families with special needs. Our equipment is designed to provide relief to caregivers and dignity to users.

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