Treadmill Gait Training with the New Pacer

June 21, 2016 by Elena Noble, MPT

A young boy uses a Dynamic Pacer to to practice partial weight supported treadmill training Partial weight-supported treadmill training (PBWSTT) has widespread application particularly among patients who are not yet able to practice over-ground gait training. Unfortunately the equipment required can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Until now.

One of the valuable new features of the New Pacer is a base designed for treadmill use. The upper frame of the New Pacer clips easily into the wider treadmill base, which, in turn, can roll over a treadmill so the individual has all the positioning supports of the Pacer while walking on a treadmill.

Partial Weight-Supported Treadmill Training in Action

A young boy uses the Dynamic Pacer to practice treadmill gait training with the assitance of his teacher

A school we know well in New York City recently shared with us a story about a student who was unable to walk safely on a treadmill using their existing equipment. But the New Pacer provided an excellent solution.

With the New Pacer treadmill base, David was safely and successfully positioned over a treadmill to practice step-taking. He now works at it daily and has started to use his New Pacer over ground as well. (Note: David’s therapy team removed the walking saddle, cueing him to bear weight through his lower extremities and so he doesn’t have the option to sit down during ambulation practice.)

The school, iHOPE in Harlem, sent us these photos and a video of Eddie, and we’re happy to share them with you.

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Cynthia Atkins | February 14, 2019
I work at an outpatient facility and are interested in eventually getting a Rifton over the treadmill gait trainer. Do you recommend a particular gait trainer? What parameters are needed for the treadmill?
Rifton Equipment | February 19, 2019

Our treadmill base is designed for use with pediatric and young adult individuals with developmental disabilities, but it certainly may have applications for an outpatient clinic as well, particularly if you are addressing the needs of these individuals among your clientele. The treadmill base is able to accommodate the medium and large upper frames, and so the maximum weight limit for the treadmill base is 200 lb.