A Rifton Pacer Testimonial

Contributed by Jimmie Childress

April 20, 2015 by Elena Noble, MPT

I purchased my Rifton Pacer in the fall of 2014 and it’s been one of the best purchases I ever made. I’d like to tell you about it. But I need to go back to December 2010 when my health problems began. First there was poor vision and drooping on one side of my face. Balance and speech difficulties came next. The symptoms progressively worsened until I was left with a paralyzed face and unable to speak, eat or walk. Numerous tests and procedures failed to yield a diagnosis. In the end, top neurologists from Johns Hopkins and the University of Virginia attributed it to an uncontrolled flaring of the immune system which attacked the cranial nerves. They feel there is hope that I may slowly regain the functions I lost, so now I am working hard to build strength to walk again.

Jimmie Childress in a blue Rifton Pacer gait trainer walking at home.

Since getting the Pacer I can practice walking and standing every day without the fear of falling. Even better, I can do this independently at home (with a little assistance to get into the device) and no longer need to go to a rehab facility twice a week. This alone has saved me money in co-payments and transportation costs.  

With daily practice my overall strength improvements have been dramatic, especially with my lower extremities. Within three months my walking distance and standing time have increased more than 300%.  My previous foot scissoring has been corrected as well. The pelvic support has been an indispensable accessory for me once I figured out how to adjust it to support me comfortably; it has given me the security to practice walking independently.

After becoming comfortable walking indoors I started practicing walking backwards as well. And now that the Spring season has arrived, I have been out on my paved drive—100 feet long with a slight incline (now that’s a workout!). By the end of this year I plan to walk without the pelvic support and increase my standing time to one hour.

Before I became disabled I had spent over 30 years in various tooling and quality engineering functions related to the automotive industry, and most recently in the nuclear field. I have been very impressed with the design and craftsmanship of the Pacer. The attention to detail, the form, fit and function is incredible. The assembly is solid and strong, yet amazingly lightweight. And finally, anytime I’ve had questions about the equipment I’ve received fabulous customer service.

Thank you for a world-class product and incredible support after the sale.

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