TBI Patient Finds Mobility with a Rehab Gait Trainer

April 11, 2011 by Elena Noble, MPT

Here is another story about a courageous man who is working to overcome his physical limitations through adaptive ambulation after a TBI. We were privileged to see Casey use his new Pacer XL Adult Gait Trainer for the first time during a recent visit Casey made to the Rifton Equipment facility, accompanied by his wife Jennifer. Physical disabilities did not stop Casey from achieving an upright position in this tall walker from which he could initiate ambulation. Supported gait practice is a key component in neurological rehabilitation. The Rifton Pacer XL gave Casey this support. Here is his story. Hats off to Casey!

Casey Breyette, a TBI patient gives the thumbs up from his wheelchair to Rifton’s helpful staff in their facility

Submitted by Jennifer Breyette: Casey was an active person, engaging in wrestling, soccer and other sports during his adolescence. He enjoyed skiing, motorcycling and other outdoor activities. This all changed on December 19th, 1995. Casey was driving from school to his job as an electrician when he was hit by an oncoming vehicle. The jaws of life were needed to pull Casey from the wreck. At the Fletcher Allen Trauma Center, Casey remained in a coma for six months. He suffered a closed traumatic brain injury, spleenic injury, and multiple fractures. It took 13 months of hospital care before Casey could come home.

I met Casey several years after his accident and we fell in love. Together we have a beautiful three-year old daughter, Kasey Lynn, and a happy little home of our own. Dealing with a child and Casey’s disability has been an everyday challenge, but by the love of our family and the grace of God we persevere.

Casey Breyette stands in his blue Pacer XL adult gait trainer helping him ambulate around his home for a quicker recovery from his traumatic brain injury

I came across the Rifton Pacer XL Gait Trainer on the internet. It was being demonstrated by TBI recovery patient Sean Carter. I was impressed by the way the Pacer gave mobility to someone previously immobilized by an injury similar to Casey’s. We contacted Rifton and made an appointment. While we were there, the loving staff of Rifton couldn’t have been more helpful and friendly. They explained how the Pacer XL works, set Casey up in one and showed us how it can improve his quality of life. He’s been using the Pacer XL every day since and the difference in his leg strength is remarkable and evident in his gains during every physical therapy session. I’m convinced that the Pacer XL adult gait trainer will be instrumental in Casey’s rehabilitation and am grateful for the good work the people at Rifton do every day.

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Floreen Breyette | April 12, 2011
My brother Casey is my hero. Thank you Rifton and his wife jennifer for improving my brothers quality of life!
Sr. Gail Anne | April 14, 2011
This is an awesome device that seems to be helping advance Casey’s quality of life and in doing so, also improves the life of his family! Great picture….amazing!!! thanks for sharing, Flo. :)
Maureen and Bob Breyette | April 18, 2011
We are Casey’s parents and his life, ours, his two brothers, and sister’s changed Dec. 19, 1995 forever as we knew it. Casey has worked so hard ever since and his attitude is amazing. He is the strongest man we know and we are very proud of him. But, when Jennifer,his angel, walked into his life the quality of it changed more than we could ever hope for. First of all we have a beautiful granddaughter to love! The rifton pacer XL is an example of how Jennifer is always on line searching for ways to help Casey. It is a wonderful device that will benefit Casey greatly. Thank you rifton for being so good to them. We are very hopeful.
Perry Fleegle | March 14, 2013
I saw a lot of website but I believe this one holds something special in it.
Billy | August 16, 2013
I met Casey when he was at OLV hospital in Lackawanna NY. He always had a great attitude and we became buddies. The last I saw Casey we were swimming in his Mom & Dad’s pool in Dannemora. He has improved beyond my expectations. God Bless Jennifer, the whole family and Rifton!