Trunk, Arm & Head Positioning & Support Part 1

Rifton Activity Chair Video 9

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[00:00:03.17] Caption: Part I Trunk, Arm, and Head Positioning


[00:00:09.07] Sam Durgin: Now I’d like to show you the upper trunk control supports and the headrest support options that we offer with the activity chair. We’ll start with the curved headrest. This headrest has the same fabric that we’re using on our cushion, urethane over foam. So now we’ll attach it to the chair. We depress this white button and insert the headrest post. To adjust the angle of the headrest I loosen these two knobs. Now I can rotate it for forward and back adjustment. Or if I need a bit of occipital support I can tilt it backwards like that, and then tighten the knobs when you’re happy with your setting. There is an overall height adjustment for the headrest with this white button. This is also the removal point for this product.

[00:01:05.01] Sam Durgin: We have the same thing with the flat headrest; the same adjustment system providing a flat headrest surface.

Lateral Supports /with Strap:

[00:01:16.30] Sam Durgin: For our trunk support options, we had a lot of requests for the ability to have asymmetrical trunk support. We separated the two trunk supports from each other. There’s a little metal tab which I’m inserting into this backrest into an extrusion. By loosening the single knob, I can adjust the trunk support up and down vertically and in and out laterally to accommodate different widths. I can also rotate it to the right angle. This is all done with the one knob. You can see that if we wanted to, we could get asymmetrical support for a child with scoliosis where you want to hit the high spots of the curve to help correct that spine curvature.

[00:02:13.30] Sam Durgin: We also have a strap, which attaches directly to the trunk supports. To add the chest straps to the trunk supports, I hold the chest strap up as though you imagine it on the child. Then take the tail end of the stamping and insert it through the loop. Notice how this strap is now coming up toward the inside of the pad. This is good, especially for children who don’t fill up that space all the way to the front of the lateral support. Now the pad can hug their torso more tightly.

[00:02:57.50] Sam Durgin: You can also mount the strap to the outside of the pad. Just simply insert it toward the inside of the strap, and now our loop is coming toward the outside and will cross over the tip of the lateral support, to come across like this. That’s the way Rifton seating has been so far.

Wide Chest Strap:

[00:03:20.10] Sam Durgin: For some folks, this is more support than what is needed, and the wide chest support is adequate. For that we have, with the same mounting hardware, a simple wide strap. Again, the same urethane material, same mounting hardware, and I can attach it directly to the extrusion with two knobs. For anyone who is familiar with the Blue Wave bathing system or toileting system, a single chest strap is often all that is needed to support some children.