Attaching the Adaptive Seat

Rifton Activity Chair Video 13


[00:00:03.25] Caption: Rifton Activity Chair – Attaching seat to R850 Hi/Lo base

[00:00:07.01] Narrator: Congratulations for buying the Rifton Activity Chair, medium size with a hi/lo base. I’d like to show you how to mount the seat to the base. This is the minimum chair you’re looking at with the base, the seating system, the arm rests and the seat belt.

[00:00:28.05] Narrator: When mounting the seat to the base, it’s important to have the footboard angle adjustment detached, and I’m taking this adjustment arm and having it point straight down. The back edge of the seat is going into this stamping, and then the front edge will latch to this mounting bar.

[00:00:49.14] Narrator: It’s a good idea to double check that these latches are really free, that they’re engaged, and that your seat is firmly mounted to the base. Now we can re-attach our footboard angle adjustment: just align the tubes, depress the white trigger, and it should latch.

[00:01:11.00] Narrator: The armrests mount inserting into the hole on each side of the seat. Depress the white button, and slide it in to the height that you would like.

[00:01:30.30] Narrator: And the seat belt – and again this is standard with every Rifton Activity Chair you order it gets a seat belt – and this mounts with a quick release lever on this little white button. I’m taking a pen, or a key or some pointy object, depressing the white button, inserting the stamping, and latching the seatbelt to the frame.

[00:02:01.15] Narrator: So now you’re ready!

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