Adjustable Seat Height

Rifton Activity Chair Video 3

Let Sam Durgin, Rifton’s lead chair designer, show you how to adjust the seat height of both the Hi/Lo and Standard base Rifton Activity Chair models. He also teaches you how to turn a non-mobile Standard base chair into a mobile one, and explains the directional lock feature on Standard base casters. A transcript is provided below for viewers with hearing disabilities.

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[00:00:03.06] Caption: Seat Height Adjustment. R850 Hi/Lo Base

[00:00:11.13] Sam Durgin: I’m going to show you the height adjustment we provided on the hi/lo base. We have a hydraulic jack, mounted underneath the seat, which gives you excellent mechanical advantage for raising and lowering the child. To lower the child, I am lifting, brushing past the red trigger with my toe, and lifting on the pedal and I can get the footboard all the way down to the floor, which is great for circle time, or interaction with peers at low seat-height level.

[00:00:45.21] Caption: Seat Height Adjustment. R840 Standard Base

[00:00:48.16] Sam Durgin: Now I’ll show the standard base option. This chair on my left is the standard base option, with the short legs all the way in, which gets you right down to 12 inches seat height off the floor. And this chair has 23 inches seat height off the floor it is the long legs with casters. There are four leg options you can choose, so you could set the whole chair up as a high chair with the long stationary legs, or short mobile legs, and that is done very simply with a snap button. I can depress this and adjust the seat height in 1 inch increments. Or, if I want to remove the leg extension all the way, I can now put on legs with casters. Now we have a mobile chair. We had many requests for an improvement on our mobility option, so what we’ve come up with is a direction lock. If I step on this cylinder, I am locking my back wheel so that I have a fixed back caster. This gives me a soft pivot point where I can point the front of the chair to where I want to go, very similar to a shopping cart. To remove this lock, I just lift up on the plunger, and now I’m back to four casters on the floor.

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