World Down Syndrome Day

Erna Albertz | March 2013

A Rifton worker smiling for the camera

March 21st 2012 was the first celebration of World Down Syndrome Day. Only recently marked on the calendar by the General Assembly of the United Nations, this day is designated for raising public awareness for Down syndrome. The actual date (3/21) was not pulled out of mid-air, but has significance. It represents the triplication of the 21st chromosome which characterizes the condition.

There are some pretty amazing people on the Rifton factory team and we wish we could introduce them all to you. In celebration of this day, however, we’d like to introduce Iris.

A worker at Rifton busily assembling Pacer casters

Iris joined Rifton’s team about a month ago. Along with assembling parts of the casters used on our Rifton Pacer, she keeps coworkers happy with her infectious laugh and (mostly) sunny disposition. One of her favorite mottos is “thumbs up!” The other is “play the Glad Game!” The Glad Game comes from the story of Pollyanna, which she loves, along with Anne of Green Gables, and the Wizard of Oz. She also loves drawing and writing letters to friends around the world.

“Thumbs up!” Iris, and thank you for everything you do for Rifton.

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