Prima Ballerina

Elena Noble, MPT | January 2014

Madi smiles in the studio as she uses her adaptive equipment for dance classA Dance Video Like No Other

Madi is a dancer. Dressed in her tutu and glowing smile, she dances her heart out alongside other little girls her age in the dance class she attends regularly. Madi is five, and at birth she had the diagnosis of L2 Spina Bifida. This means she has no movement below the hips. But being the creative and fun-loving child that she is, Madi finds a way to do anything she sets her mind to—and right now, dancing has captured her heart. So why not dance in a Mobile Stander?

Madi used the Mobile Stander anyways along with HKFOs (hip, knee, foot orthotics) to get around and experience the freedom of independent mobility and the many benefits of weight-bearing where otherwise she would be sitting in a wheelchair. Along with going to the zoo, the grocery store or playing T-ball, dancing in the Mobile is no problem at all.

Madi’s ability to participate in her dance class is captured in this short, captivating video. Take a moment to watch it. Share it with others who need a moment of pure inspiration.

For more about Madi and her family, visit Madi using her special needs equipment to play t-ball smiles alongside her brother and


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