Boxing and Balance Exercise

Increasing Rehab Challenge with the Rifton TRAM

April 25, 2017 by Elena Noble, MPT

Although on the market for over five years, the TRAM continues to surprise us. Here are some great ideas for using the TRAM in rehab, focusing on balance support and activity, from Jamie Haines, PT, DScPT, NCS at Central Michigan University.

High-Intensity Boxing

This patient has Parkinson's disease, Stage III. He was afraid to participate in an exercise class until he used the Rifton TRAM. What a difference! It eliminated his fear of falling, and in this video he is doing high intensity boxing intervals. Without the TRAM he would not be able to engage both his arms in this activity because he would have to hold onto a rail.


Therapy on a Balance Ball

This patient has an incomplete spinal cord injury from an accident when he was nine years old. He has some inconsistent function throughout his arms and legs. With the TRAM, his therapists are comfortable providing extra balance challenge with a therapy ball, as he is well supported.

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