A Sample Letter of Medical Necessity for the Rifton TRAM

August 21, 2012 by Elena Noble, MPT
A physical therapist uses the Rifton TRAM to lift a patient from sitting to standing with this new mobility device

Since the Rifton TRAM came out just four weeks ago we have been getting frequent requests for a sample letter of medical necessity for this item. Because the device offers the unique functions of seat-to-seat transfers, sit-to-stand transfers, and supported ambulation, justification is more complex and each function of the Rifton TRAM needs to be considered thoroughly in the letter.

So by popular request, here is a sample letter of medical necessity for the Rifton TRAM. But please note that because this is a new product with nothing like it available, we don’t know how state Medicaid reviewers will treat it and what they’ll be looking for. Please give us your feedback so we can improve this sample LOMN.

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