Safe Patient Handling & Mobility Training Documents for the E-Pacer

| December 2018

The following documents have been compiled for providers, hospitals and long-term care facilities to use in the implementation of safe patient handling and movement programs with the Rifton E-Pacer.

E-Pacer Evaluation Form (pdf) serves as a guide to help the clinician decide whether the Rifton E-Pacer is appropriate for a particular patient.

E-Pacer Employee Competency Checklist (pdf) is for use after a E-Pacer demonstration and training session.

E-Pacer Trainer Checklist (pdf) provides a thorough evaluation of a trainee’s instruction. Providers knowledgeable about the Rifton E-Pacer are encouraged to use this checklist when training operators to become E-Pacer trainers (Train the Trainer workshops).

E-Pacer Trainer Certificate (pdf) can be awarded to E-Pacer trainers who have demonstrated understanding and competence in both the use and instruction of the device.

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