Stationary Bike Stand for Adaptive Tricycles

June 07, 2011 by Elena Noble, MPT

A thank you letter 
Contributed by Lisa Perry, teacher

A young boy exercising on his adaptive tricycle in the classroom thanks to the Rifton stationary bike stand.Rifton’s Stationary Bicycle Stand Helps Marcos Go Independent at School
Go Marcos Go! This afternoon our stationary trike stand arrived from Rifton. We had only seen the stand on the Rifton website (not in action) but we knew we wanted one immediately. You can imagine our excitement when we opened the box today. The student we envisioned using it for really enjoys riding one of the Rifton trikes (indoors and outdoors). He does not steer independently, so riding the trike requires a trainer to be with him at all times. Actually, we haven’t found anything that Marcos likes to do independently – he likes 1:1 attention no matter what he is doing. But with the stationary stand Marcos can be independent and exercise using equipment that he enjoys. We have an area in our classroom where we can position the trike and stand (never too far away from others) in a place where he can be on his own (pedaling the whole time, listening to his favorite CD’s) yet close enough he has the security of having “us” close by. It is also age appropriate and offers students’ a great workout. We love it!

Lisa Perry
Truman Elementary School, Iowa

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Regina | March 20, 2020

Hi there,

Is it possible to adjust the pace/level of resistance with the stationary trike?

Thank you

Elena Noble, MPT | March 23, 2020

Hi Regina,

The Rifton Adaptive Tricycle does not have resistance or pace adjustments. The stationary stand elevates the back wheels so the tricycle stays in one place while pedaling, so no resistance or pace adjustments with that configuration either.

Alice Willey | July 18, 2021
What about the front wheel? And on carpet? It looks like only the back wheels are elevated, but when riding what keeps the front wheel in place?
Elena | July 19, 2021
Hi Alice, The tricycle is a rear-wheel drive, so the front wheel will not move when the back wheels are elevated on the stationary stand. Works fine on carpet too.
Toni Mock | January 01, 2022
Is it possible to convert an adult trike to a stationary trike? I have extensive damage to my leg from radiation. I can't bike anymore, so I bought an adult trike. However, I can't get my right leg to pedal all the way around. I thought maybe if I could use it as a stationary trike, I could build the strength to pedal it. Thanks.
Elena Noble | January 03, 2022
Hi Toni, Yes, it is possible to convert an adult tricycle to a stationary bike with the Rifton stationary stand. Just use the highest notch (at the back of the stand) to elevate the back axel and wheels of the trike.
Terry | December 18, 2022
Will this platform work on any tricycle? Thanks.
Elena Noble | December 19, 2022
Hello Terry, The stationary stand was designed and tested for Rifton tricycles. We cannot vouch for its use on other models of tricycles.