Rifton HTS

The completely new Hygiene and Toileting System from Rifton


Use the slides below to learn more about the accessories available to customize the Rifton HTS to an adaptive toilet chair, a freestanding commode or shower unit to meet your client's needs. Looking for help with client-assist transfers? Don't miss the Rifton Support Station.

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Seat and back pads

  • Integral skin foam pads are waterproof, cushioned and easily removed for disinfecting.

  • Rear-open seat pad – The unique design of the seat pad opening – open to the rear – facilitates access for caregivers to perform the necessary cleaning.

  • Rear-closed seat pad – Another option features a closed seat back and narrower hole, designed for users who need more support when sitting.

  • No-hole seat pad – In response to customer requests, we are offering a no-hole seat pad for additional support.

  • The no-hole seat pad comes with a rigid hole filler for the medium and large HTS.

  • The Rifton HTS with seat and back pads.


  • The curved headrest provides support for clients with limited head control and adjusts in several directions: height, A/P positioning, up or down.

  • Tilting the headrest backward allows for comfortable showering and hair washing.

  • The headrest as it appears on the Rifton HTS.

Push handles

  • The push handles are a separate accessory designed to fit onto all HTS backs.

  • Using the push handles, caregivers can easily move a client seated in a mobile base HTS.

  • A set of push handles attaches to the back of the HTS.

Butterfly harness

  • When adjusted to fit snugly and comfortably, the butterfly harness provides maximum anterior support – and thus safety, security and freedom of movement – for clients who have limited trunk control while sitting.

  • The butterfly harness in use.

Anterior support

  • The padded anterior support/tray promotes the forward-leaning positioning that, according to research, best facilitates the toileting process.

  • The tray in use – promoting the forward positioning for which it’s designed.


  • Independently adjustable laterals secure children with limited trunk control. Laterals come in two sizes, small (5" x 4") or large (6½" x 5").

  • With the addition of a wide chest strap to the laterals, clients without upper torso control gain added trunk support and security to help correct spinal alignment.

  • The laterals and chest strap on the Rifton HTS.

Hip guides

  • The hip guides (small 7" x 3", large 11" x 3") tailor the chair to the size and shape of each client, allowing for years of continual use as the child grows…

  • …or the use of a single chair with multiple children.

  • Hip guides as they attach to the Rifton HTS.


  • The pan facilitates off-toilet functionality with its generous capacity.

  • The pan’s durable plastic construction makes cleaning simple.

  • The pan is attached to the Rifton HTS by sliding it in from the back. Its extra depth insures it will not spill, even when the chair is tilted.

Bowl adapter

  • The bowl adapter accommodates situations where the hole in the HTS isn’t fully over the hole in the toilet.

  • Inserted at the front edge of the hole under the seat pad, the bowl adapter ensures accurate positioning of the HTS over a wall-hung toilet. It can also be used with the large HTS to create a secure fit over a round-front toilet.


  • Deflectors keep caregivers and clients clean during urination. 

  • Options include a low deflector built into the seat cover,

  • a removable soft standard deflector (which requires the seat pad for attaching)

  • and a splash guard that is held in place by the seat belt.

  • Removable deflectors are easy to attach.

  • The soft plastic of the splash guard is comfortable for the client while providing an extra measure of security for the caregiver.


  • The abductor prevents scissoring of the legs and promotes good joint and body alignment by separating the knees and helps to control leg muscles.

  • Made of soft skin foam, it also connects to the standard deflector to maintain cleanliness during urination.

  • The abductor attaches easily to the Rifton HTS.

Ankle straps

  • Ankle straps attach to the footboard.

  • Ankle straps secure the feet of those with limited muscle control and excursion movement, enabling a moderate range of movement while improving independence in postural control.

Calf rest

  • The attachable calf rest enhances the client’s comfort and sense of security when the footboard is extended and angled upward.


  • The footboard supports client’s feet at the optimal height and angle. 

  • The footboard adjusts up to 5" in 1” increments.

  • The footboard has four angle settings.

  • Flipping the footboard up gives the client room for sit-to-stand transfers. 

Tub base

  • The tub base adds even more versatility to the already versatile Rifton HTS. The small and medium Rifton HTS seats attach to the tub base for comfortable showering and hair washing in the bathtub, eliminating the need to purchase a separate showering chair.

  • The reduced footprint accommodates narrow and wide tub bottoms alike.

  • The Rifton HTS attached to the tub base.

Portability kit

  • The portability kit gives clients greater independence – and their families greater freedom to travel – by enabling them to take the Rifton HTS on the road. Eliminates contact with public toilets for better hygiene.

  • Lightweight folding frame and carry bag (for small and medium sizes) make toileting possible while traveling.

  • The Rifton HTS Portability kit fully assembled.