Top 6 Features of the HTS

Elena Noble, MPT | May 2015

The Rifton HTS (Hygiene & Toileting System) showing tilt-in-space, considered one of the top features of the chairSince we launched the Hygiene and Toileting System (HTS) almost two years ago we’ve received an outpouring of success stories in the “first time toileting” category. In an informal survey we asked therapists and parents which features made the biggest difference for them. Here’s the top six:

  1. The load-bearing and flip-away footboard. “I have one child who uses the footboard to practice her transfers into the HTS. And for the next child I can flip it up out of the way so she can get on the chair herself.”

  2. Amazingly easy adjustments. “I don’t need any tools to adjust the chair for the different kids who use it. And the adjustments are so easy, even with a child in the chair.”

  3. Tilt-in-Space. “I love the back tilt for showering in the HTS. Or even just to let my son relax for a few minutes.”

  4. Easy cleaning. “Not only is the chair itself cleanable, with smooth, water-tight surfaces and easy disassembly for deep cleaning, but its open-holed seat pad design allows me to provide hygiene care while my student is still seated.”

  5. Versatile. “Our HTS is a toileting chair, but it doubles as a shower chair as well, thanks to the mobility option on the base. What a great combination!”

  6. Portable. “Now that we got the portability kit for our HTS I can take my child on the road without worrying about how we’ll deal with bathroom stops. It’s fabulous!”

And here’s a best-kept secret of our own to offer: did you know that the HTS is compatible with the wash-dry toileting systems such as the Clos-o-Mat or Geberit?

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