Rifton HTS on the Road

Kristin Capone, PT, DPT, MEd | June 2015

The Rifton HTS portable travel toilet shown over a toilet seat at a bathroom at a park facilityJJ is a 4th grade student at Southern Elementary School in New Castle, Delaware. Although he uses a wheelchair because of his dystonic cerebral palsy, JJ has great communication skills and is one of the happiest kids I know.

Recently, his school program planned a field trip to Glasgow Park. But right away we ran up against a familiar problem: community outings such as these present unique challenges for staff and parents when considering how to provide adequate care for a child like JJ. Toileting is a particular challenge.

JJ is growing bigger and cannot be held on a regular toilet anymore. Instead he uses the Rifton HTS  at school which provides him with adequate support so he can toilet comfortably and successfully. But this type of support is generally not found outside of his special program in school.

But this time was different. In fact, it was easy. Why? Because we used the Rifton HTS Portability Kit.  Packed into a carry-bag, this light-weight, foldable frame allowed us to provide the supports JJ needed for toileting at Glasgow Park. It was an amazing success and such a simple solution!

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