Using the Rifton Activity Chair with Forearm Prompts

| April 2010

The Rifton Activity Chair replaces the Advancement Chair.

The Rifton Activity Chair simplifies the lives of caregivers while empowering clients to build sitting skills that will enable them to take part in more activities than ever before.

The ground–breaking therapy chair is built on the same concept as the Rifton Advancement Chair. All Rifton Activity Chair positioning options and prompt supports are designed to aid progress toward regular classroom seating.

The Rifton Activity Chair is MOVE™–compatible. Learn more about MOVE at


To configure a Rifton Activity Chair comparable to a fully–loaded Advancement Chair, consider selecting the following, keeping your client’s specific needs in mind:

  • Hi/lo base
  • Adjustable seat & back
  • Tilt–in–space
  • Forearm prompts
  • Short legs, OR
  • Short legs with casters
  • Tan pads
  • Contoured or Flat headrest
  • Lateral supports with chest strap
  • Pelvic harness
  • Abductor
  • Leg prompts
  • Footboard
  • Sandals and Wedges

Configure and get quote for a Rifton activity chair

Learn more: Guidelines for Functional Use of Rifton Activity Chair

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