The Rifton Activity Chair Used in Radiology

Elena Noble, MPT | October 2011

the Rifton Activity ChairApplications for the Rifton Activity Chair are expanding. I was surprised recently to hear from a speech language pathologist of yet another use for this chair which was initially designed for classroom seating and positioning. We’ve already received numerous reports of how well the activity chair performs in feeding clinics and for positioning during speech therapy. Now it is being used as a radiology positioning aid at a major children’s hospital in Texas for imaging studies. Julie Cook, SLP explains:

The Rifton Activity Chair is wonderful for positioning patients during video fluoroscopic swallow studies in Radiology. Its many features (tilt, seat height/depth adjustment, head/foot/chest supports, and ability to add/remove arm and seat supports) allow for versatility across our pediatric population with varying degrees of physical limitations, as well as height/weight. For younger patients we are able to safely attach small and medium size feeder seats into the chair and use its features to obtain optimal positioning when compared to a traditional imaging chair. The features promote optimal postural control of the head, neck, trunk, legs, and feet to obtain neutral sitting position, which supports the oral motor component as well as the safety of oral feedings. The chair’s material does not interfere with the radiation beam and is easy to clean between patients. Parents have expressed more comfort in having their child seated and supported in the Rifton Activity chair compared to the traditional imaging chair, with less versatility and safety features.

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