Made in the USA: A Gallery of Our Manufacturing Process

Carmen Hinkey | March 2014

I have this habit of looking in a new garment or pair of footwear to see where it was made, and I’m comforted when I find the mark of American craftsmanship and manufacturing. But that doesn’t touch the assurance we need when we are sourcing devices for the members of our society for whom only the best is good enough. That ‘best’ is delivered by our own citizens’ hands, and created in our country’s manufacturing facilities, where quality can be controlled at all process points, and an inherent pride is built in.

Of course that is no secret at Rifton, where, in the two manufacturing facilities in upstate NY you will find the same devotion to quality and care as shown in these photos. Scroll to the end for a treat: a gallery of images from the production of the devices you are all familiar with.


A worker at Rifton spray coats an adaptive bicycle made in their facility in the USA  Powder coating a Pacer frame 
 A worker assembling a red Rifton gait trainer at the USA manufacturing facility in Rifton  Testing the wheel on a Rifton Pacer
 A group of designers sitting around a table at the Rifton manufacturing facility in the USA work on updates to the Activity chair  Designing the Rifton Activity chair
 A worker in protective gear at the Rifton manufacturing facility in the USA welds a product  Welding
 A pile of red fabric pieces used for adaptive devices is sewn by a professional at the Rifton manufacturing facility in the USA  Sewing Rifton Activity chair covers
 A worker in the Rifton warehouse adjusting settings on a Rifton TRAM special needs equipment surrounded by shelves filled with accessories  Assembling the Rifton TRAM
 Tightening a bolt on the Rifton TRAM, a Rifton worker focuses on quality control for the adaptive equipment

 Adjusting a Rifton Activity chair hi/lo base

 A woman tying a string on a crafted accessory piece covered with foam and fabric  Securing fabric and cushioning over a Pacer arm prompt
 A worker changes the setting on a drill assembling components for adaptive equipment at the manufacturing facility in Rifton  Making sub-assembled parts for the Rifton TRAM
 Colorful green and red tricycles on mounts are being adjusted by Rifton workers at the manufacturing facility  Preparing a Rifton tricycle for shipping
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