Removing Limits, One Step at a Time

Kevin Mullin, CNR Managing Consultant | September 2017

The Center for Neuro Recovery (CNR) in North Palm Beach, Florida, is not your traditional training and recovery center. It’s rated among the top training centers in the country with referrals from 54 national rehab hospitals and 17 international rehab hospitals, and it might be best described as a highly skilled comprehensive training facility for those willing to push the boundaries. CNR provides uniquely tailored activity-based strength training programs for clients with neurological deficits. Three hours every day for 5 days a week is our typical treatment schedule.

rifton pacer gait trainer cnrCNR draws continuously on new research and technology to improve our training protocols. We use a combination of cutting-edge devices for every client to encourage maximum gains in core, upper and lower body strength and functional ability. To date, CNR has worked with well over a thousand clients with a wide variety of neurological disorders and injuries. Our primary focus is to help qualified clients accepted into the program achieve their short and long term goals and to reach new levels of strength and independence with everyday living skills. And the results show.

CNR forged a relationship with Rifton a few years back when we learned of the Rifton Pacer gait trainer and its exceptional quality and durability. We immediately incorporated the Pacer into our program. Aside from its durability, we were particularly impressed with how the Pacer could accommodate such a wide variety of client sizes and shapes. With the Pacer these determined adults could achieve proper gait mechanics and build stamina.

The Dynamic Pacer-  A Good Fit for Neuro Recovery

Recently our local ATP from National Seating and Mobility stopped in at our facility to show us Rifton’s new Pacer. We were intrigued to learn about the new dynamic system and the benefits it offered. We ordered one that day. Once it arrived it didn’t take long to recognize the new features. With its new dynamic upper frame, the Pacer now works with our clients in their small shifts of body and weight as they take each individual step. The multi-position saddle provides much needed stability without being bulky or cumbersome.

center for neuro recovery pacer gait trainerThis picture shows one of our clients using the new Pacer gait trainer. She came to our clinic after a spinal cord injury just starting to stand and initiate the stepping process. Her results have been phenomenal. She now walks and guides the device independently, turns and pivots and makes daily gains in cardiovascular ability. She is now working with her primary doctor and therapist to order one for home. Her clinicians are so impressed that they are starting to recommend the product to other patients.

And because we at the Center for Neuro Recovery are always looking for new advancements in the industry and how we might incorporate these into our training programs, we can’t be more pleased with the dynamic Pacer.

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