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TRAM Tip: Inverting Forearm Mounts for Larger Clients

September 12, 2017 by Elena Noble, MPT

The Rifton TRAM is a versatile transfer and mobility device that can  safely support people of varying abilities and sizes. To do this effectively it’s important to position the body support low enough on the trunk, but for people with shorter trunks or larger thighs this may be made easier by reversing the arm support post mounts so they don’t dig into the thighs as the body support is lowered. Here’s how it’s done:

rifton tram forearm mount 1

Remove arm support post.

Notice how the post mount extends below the body support system.

rifton tram forearm mount 2

Inside the body support system, locate the black knob that secures the post mount.

rifton tram forearm mount 3

Unscrew knob and detach post mount and fastener from body support system.

rifton tram forearm mount 41

Rotate post mount so it extends above the body support instead of below and screw the knob tight.

rifton tram forearm mount 42


rifton tram forearm mount 43


rifton tram forearm mount 5

Re-attach arm support posts and arm supports.

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