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Using the TRAM Swivel Locks to Help with Steering

For Your Client with Trouble Controlling Lateral Movement

January 17, 2017 by Elena Noble, MPT

One key function of the Rifton TRAM is gait training. As a client progresses and gait control improves the clinician eventually steps away to let the client guide the TRAM solo. But some people have difficulty controlling lateral movements, especially if all TRAM wheels are free to swivel. For these people, here are two TRAM tips that have made all the difference for many.

Setting the TRAM to Track in a Straight Line

Close-up of the TRAM showing the swivel locks in position for optimizing lateral movement in gait training(perfect for gait training in a long hallway)

Use the leg expander to make sure the base legs are in the closed position. Then, using two swivel locks, place one on each base leg, but at opposite ends. Now the TRAM will only travel in a straight line and your client can focus solely on forward gait.


Setting the TRAM to Track in a Large (25-Foot) Fixed Circle

A close-up of the swivel locks on the TRAM wheels that allow for control over steering in gait training(perfect for gait training in a gym or large room)

Keep the two swivel locks installed as before, one on each base leg but at opposite ends of the legs.  Next, using the leg expander, spread the legs to the fully open position. Now when your clients walk they will track in a big circle, free of any unintentional (and distracting) lateral movements.A diagram showing the TRAM swivel locks set for gait control going in a large circle

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Sally | January 17, 2017
Thank you, again, for a useful tip.
Knighten, Michelle | September 28, 2017
The Tram is great, BUT it needs to have the ability to lock the backward direction during ambulation because so many people use their extensor tone or a modified technique to move the device along.
Elena | September 28, 2017

Thank you for your feedback on the Rifton TRAM and the wheel locks.

We did recently add a product to our gait training family called the E-Pacer, based on feedback like yours, for a better gait training component to the TRAM.

This device does all the lifts and transfers that a TRAM does with the addition of having a base and wheels built for gait training (swivel lock, directional lock, brake, drag, and optional odometer). Though you might be interested!

Anna | June 22, 2019
I just tried your rifton for the first time yesterday when i was at my physical therapy appointment at Gillette Lifetime clinic. And i absolutely love how it helps me to be able to walk on land.