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Meeting the Hygiene and Toileting Challenge with the Rifton HTS

March 04, 2014 by Elena Noble, MPT

Last month, in advance of the launch of the new Rifton Hygiene and Toileting System (HTS), we published some research-based white papers on toilet training and toilet positioning for children and individuals with disabilities. This supplemented the work of Claire Keeler, RN CPNP, CDE, who wrote Toilet Training a Child with Special Needs. Positioning a child with disabilities comfortably on the toilet is an important step in toilet training and often requires adaptive equipment. However the range of equipment options is broad, and you need to know what to look for. The terminology used can be age-specific. For instance, do not use the words heavy duty commode chair when searching for a pediatric toileting chair. A heavy duty commode chair usually describes a product designed for adult use.

The Riftons HTS is designed primarily for the pediatric population with the versatile positioning options needed to overcome almost every toileting or bathing challenge. It can be used on the toilet, over the toilet, or as a free-standing commode or shower chair. In addition, a portability kit allows the chair to become a foldable commode to be carried along on family road-trips or outings.  Here’s what makes the positioning of the HTS unique:

The Rifton HTS shown mounted on a toilet seat 

Toilet Mounting

Stripped to its basics it becomes a cushioned toilet seat that mounts on a regular toilet, but with the addition of arm supports and a seatbelt. This is for a child with minimal involvement. The arm supports and seatbelt provide boundaries. A back rest, tray, and deflector may be added if necessary.

The Rifton Toileting System shown mounted over a toilet

Over the Toilet Mounting

It can be used over a toilet when mounted on either a mobile or stationary frame. The seat height adjustment allows for sufficient clearance of all round-front toilets. Additional supports can be added for improved positioning and the backrest can be tilted forward or backwards for comfort.


The Rifton HTS shown as a standing and folding commode chair

Standing Commode

By slipping a pan underneath the seat, the adaptive toileting chair becomes a free-standing commode. In this configuration, the tilt-in-space feature can be used to its full 30-degree range anterior to posterior.

The Rifton HTS shown as a chair that can transfer from the toilet to the shower.

Easy Transfer from Toilet to Shower

The posterior tilt option of the chair and the simple and easy-to-clean design gives the HTS the dual function of a shower chair. The seat and back can also be transferred onto a tub base for bathtub use.

The Rifton HTS adapts to a childs size with adjustable features as shown with children that are several years apart in age.

Adjusts to Size

And the toileting system grows with the child. The two toileting systems pictured here are exactly the same size — one is adjusted to its smallest setting, the other to its largest, clearly illustrating the HTS’s capacity to accommodate children of every size, body type and special need.

The Rifton HTS shown as a sit-to-stand toilet with tilt features.


The 15 degrees of anterior tilt provides great positioning for facilitating a sit-to-stand transfer. Additionally, using the anterior tilt and an open seat pad makes hygiene care much easier.

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Jenny Bos | April 11, 2022
Can you get the Rifton HTS without the castor wheels? I tried taking the wheels off but then the part that made contact with the floor appeared to have a sharp point on it and could potentially damage a vinyl floor covering. I have seen the portability kit but this looks to be not robust enough for every day use. I'm looking for a shower and toilet seat that can be used by young children who can do standing transfers or wheelchair to commode transfers by themselves.
Elena Noble | April 12, 2022
Hi Jenny, Yes, Rifton has a base option called the stationary base. You can just clip the seat and back part of the HTS into it. If you go to order on the website, you will find the option to choose a stationary base vs mobile base. Elena