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March 12, 2013 by Clare Stober

TRAM Quick Reference Guide

Brochure cover featuring a picture of the Rifton TRAM device and text reading: Quick Reference Guide The Rifton TRAM, our latest product offering, is a transfer and mobility device that performs three powerful functions: seated transfer, sit-to-stand lift, and gait training. While it’s remarkably simple to use, we have received some questions from the field that can be answered best with a few photographs. In addition, several customers needed a guide to provide a full understanding of the TRAM’s components and adjustments.

To respond, we are releasing a Quick Reference Guide (QRG) for the Rifton TRAM. This link provides access to the electronic version, but we recommend getting the printed, bound booklet which will now ship with every TRAM. In it are tips and tricks for positioning and component configurations that will make every transfer with almost any client a success. We will be mailing a QRG to everyone who has already purchased a TRAM. Be sure to read it and use it as a reference especially before approaching a difficult transfer.

Note: The QRG is most helpful if you already have a TRAM, so if you are unfamiliar with the device or would like more information please download the introductory Rifton TRAM brochure or view the TRAM video

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Mary Suttschenko, PT | March 18, 2013

We recently purchased a TRAM for our school after our distributor gallantly allowed us to trial one until we could get a funding source. Before I sing the praises of this product, I have to admit I have been a tried and true fan of Rifton products for a number of years. I can always count on a quality product that addresses the demands of the current market and will be a useful tool in therapy programming.

I work with students with severe/profound disabilities in a special school and am often asked to recommend equipment and to write letters of medical necessity. The TRAM has been useful in programming with multiple students; it’s ease of use and adaptability are excellent.I would highly recommend it to a number of individuals that I serve. I am writing this just to let you know that I continue to be a fan of your products, and I need a new catalog as I just gave mine to a case manager! Thank you, Rifton, especially Helen, for all of your help.

Mary Suttschenko PT

Erna Albertz | March 19, 2013

Thank you so much, Mary, for your kind words. We’re so pleased the TRAM is working well for your students.