MOVE for Adults in Action in Bakersfield

April 23, 2013 by Elena Noble, MPT

Bakersfield ARC (BARC) MOVE for Adults program is the perfect solution for supporting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. On my first visit to Bakersfield, California, in 2008 to take the MOVE (Mobility Opportunity Via Education) Basic Provider’s course, I was introduced to BARC. The center had just become a MOVE certified adult model site for visitors to see firsthand how the MOVE program works.

At Bakerfield ARC a therapists helps a young man with his gait trainingFor those unfamiliar with MOVE, it’s a program originally developed in the 1980’s designed to teach children with developmental disabilities important life skills to improve sitting, standing, walking and transitioning–leading to improved health, independence, dignity and inclusion in family and community life. MOVE for Adults was created to meet the mobility needs of individuals with disabilities in adult programs. BARC was the first site on the west coast to pioneer the MOVE for Adults program successfully. One of the programs BARC on the MOVE is tailored specifically for clients with profound mental and developmental disabilities. Often these clients are unable to stand or walk. The MOVE approach complements BARC beautifully by providing opportunities to improve skills while participating in meaningful and everyday activities of daily living.

BARC’s mission is to build a stronger community by helping individuals with developmental disabilities achieve personal goals for a better life. The 25-acre campus provides 15 programs designed to offer continued learning opportunities and employment for individuals with special needs (referred to as “clients” in the BARC community). With the assistance of adaptive equipment such as Mobile standers or Pacer gait trainers for weight bearing and upright positioning, BARC on the MOVE teaches adults the fundamental functional motor skills such as standing and walking. These skills are integrated into meaningful tasks enabling clients to stand at the business recycling line, or walk to the bus. This wonderful video “Big Strides through Small Steps” shows the MOVE for Adults program at BARC in action.

BARC has given many adults with developmental disabilities a sense of purpose to their lives and a chance to be dignified and contributing members at home and in society. At Rifton, we couldn’t be more pleased to be partnering with BARC.

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