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August 09, 2011 by Lori Potts, PT

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Behind the Letters

The National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (NRRTS) will celebrate 20 years in 2012. It was formed to help raise the standards of the seating and mobility industry by providing a registration and certification process for the people who supply complex rehab equipment.

A Rehabilitation Technology Supplier (RTS) provides enabling technology in the areas of wheeled mobility, dynamic seating and alternative positioning, ambulation assistance, environmental control and activities of daily living. RTS is a description, not a title. Anyone employed by a supplier of durable medical equipment (DME) who meets the above criteria can use those initials as a description only. But only an RRTS has registered with NRRTS.

To apply for registration with NRRTS, an RTS must have a minimum of one year of experience working with a DME employer and must have accumulated 15 hours of continuing education credits related to this field. In 2012, the registration requirements will change, so please visit for more details.

In addition, the RTS must confidentially submit three referrals from professionals (physical therapist, occupational therapist, or MD), who have worked with the RTS in the assessment and evaluation of clients to determine the most appropriate assistive technology.

When you meet an RRTS you’re meeting someone dedicated to his/her profession. Being registered with NRRTS requires commitment to ongoing continuing education and professionalism on the job.

Is your wheelchair provider registered? The National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers can assist your search for the RRTS closest to you.

Now what about a CRTS? A Certified Rehabilitation Technology Supplier has decided to become an expert in their profession and sets the standards for adaptive seating and positioning. CRTS is an RRTS who has been registered with NRRTS for 2 years and passed the RESNA ATS exam.

Getting Certified with RESNA

The Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) has also developed a professional training and certification program. RESNA is an organization in many ways similar to NRRTS. Within RESNA, you can become an Assistive Technology Supplier (ATS) or Rehabilitation Engineering Technologist (RET) through a credentialing exam.

Families should know that a Certified Rehabilitation Technology Supplier knows the equipment. This means knowing how the equipment can best meet the needs of the child. In many cases, the knowledge of a CRTS assists the therapist in making equipment recommendations for the family.

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angel martinez | March 22, 2013
hello my name is angel I am a licensed physical therapist assistant for 11 years I am also the owner of a DME in the state of texas my question is how do I become certified to deliver power wheelchairs to my texas Medicaid patients my number is 361 8153694 0r office 361 881 5131 thank you
Erna Albertz | September 25, 2013
Good morning Angel, Thank you for your inquiry on our blog. We do not manufacture or sell power wheelchairs. Your best source for this type of information would be the Texas Rehab Providers Council (TXRPC). Here is a link to their website. Kind regards, Rifton Team