Cerebral Palsy: One Family’s Blessings, Challenges, and Solutions

June 01, 2010

Read this heartfelt letter from a parent who has entered an industry of enablement and caring through the journey of his own daughter.

Thank you, Steven, for sharing your story.

To our friends at Rifton Equipment:


Thank you for making such outstanding, enabling, and dignified equipment for our daughter, Cassi, and her peers within this very special community. Cassi’s eleven years of challenges with Cerebral Palsy have been a blessing to us, despite what many people — even those close to us – might have thought. With her challenges come opportunities to find ways to give her access to her world that would otherwise be missed. Since the very beginning of our journey, Rifton has been part of it in some way.

Cassi’s very first steps were taken in a Rifton Pacer about 6 years ago! Her abilities have improved with the therapies we provide her and the equipment she uses (feeding chairs, shower chairs, the Support Station, etc.). There are many companies whose products Cassi needs, but Rifton is absolutely at the top of the list for providing the solutions that will lead to greater independence for our daughter.

And, all the while, Rifton does so with a level of compassion and understanding rarely seen in this industry. From really cool colors to thinking about inclusion and developing the abilities of a person as much as possible, Rifton’s products — and, more importantly, the people at Rifton — are some of the few that provide opportunity, dignity, and respect, the three core desires of any person, regardless of their abilities.

My career changed largely as a result of Cassi’s situation, and I now work with a school district that is a model site for the MOVE™ program. Rifton has been an instrumental part in helping create and support the MOVE™ program with a variety of equipment. I cannot possibly thank Rifton Equipment enough for providing the products that will allow Cassi and her peers to have a life that allows for greater independence and supports the core desires of everyone.


God bless and a whole–hearted thank you,

Steven Weaver, Owner
EASE — Eagle Accessibility Solutions & Equipment
800–EASE–650 (800–3273–650)
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