Anchors: Derek

July 17, 2008

derekDerek uses the elbow anchors while sitting at a multi-purpose table. He sits like this every day during morning group. Derek also uses the elbow anchors at the lunch table, while sitting in a Rifton advancement chair. (We use the advancement chair without the L-bars and arm prompts.)

The elbow anchor has been a great tool for our students who are still working on head and trunk control while sitting. The anchor provides the support that students need to practice their skills. With the anchor, students can hold themselves upright while participating in morning group and/or table activities, such as eating at lunch.

With the elbow anchors providing stability, the student is able to move their head and trunk to look at various objects or to use an adaptor switch. For a student with scoliosis, the anchors help give support, so the student’s body does not turn toward one side over a period of time.

The elbow anchors have proven to be very helpful for our students, helping them maintain trunk and head control while sitting.

Beverly Young, Special Education Teacher
Woodland Developmental School
Marysville, MI 

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