Support Station Success

June 22, 2007

The staff at Woodland reports on their use of the Rifton Support Station. Rifton appreciates the opportunity to share their experience with you.

Woodland Development Center 
Marysville, MI


SXI Classroom for 7-14 years

We first learned about the Rifton Support Station from Chesapeake Care Resources in North East, Maryland, while they were completing their MOVE for Adults Research Project. The Woodland teacher of adult students visited Chesapeake Care Resources and saw the success they were having with their adult clients. We had definite ideas about using it with our students.

We decided to purchase one on trial. We placed it in the toileting room of the adult SXI (severely multiply-impaired) classroom. These students have varying cognitive levels of functioning, but all have difficulty standing for toileting without significant support.

We found very quickly that the Support Station met our expectations.  Within three weeks, we ordered four more Support Stations. Two were placed in the other SXI classrooms, and we placed one in each locker room for assistance in getting dressed and undressed for swim class.


SXI Classroom for 18-26 years

We are finding that it is useful for a full range of support needs, from toileting our students who are non-weight bearing and need full support, to providing balance support for our ambulatory students.

The design of the Support Station lends itself well to the teaching of weight bearing skills, and we look forward to the carry-over of those skills for our students when they are at home or out in the community with their families.

This piece of equipment has impacted not only the motor skills of our students, but has increased their sense of dignity and positive self-image. This immeasurable benefit is communicated clearly to us by our students who are verbal, and through facial expressions and vocalizations of our non-verbal students.


Boys' Locker Room for all
ages and levels of mobility

Sharing of these positive experiences encourages our staff to participate in this new approach to toileting.  And, no longer having to lift students onto a mat table for changes gives this new method a strong appeal.

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Julie A Evans | August 16, 2015
Did you need to make any modifications for some of the younger students? Under the age of 10?
Elena | August 17, 2015
Hi Julie, The Support Station works for any child over 46 inches tall (including adjustable features to accommodate smaller sizes), so it certainly does work well for kids who fit this criteria and are under age 10.